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Viral Video Shows A Crab Being Removed From A Snorkeler’s Ear

A snorkeler’s trip was cut short when she had a horrifying encounter with marine wildlife that most horrified her. No, it was not a shark or jellyfish. TikTok user WesDaisy shared that it was a very small crab that hid inside her ear.

“Snorkeling in San Juan. A f–king crab yo,” she captioned her TikTok video.

A doctor had to help her out with the issue and got a tweezer to try to pull it out.

He warned the snorkeler that it was going to “hurt”, but within one minute of picking into the ear, the critter scrambled out of her ear before he quickly slapped it off to the ground. The camera zoomed in to show that it was a small, dark-colored crab.

The poor woman exclaimed, “What is that?!”

The incident that took place in Puerto Rico, San Juan, had made several others scared of ever going into the sea.

“The rest of the trip is canceled please get me the on the first flight the hell up outta here!” wrote one scared viewer.

Another asked, “Did anyone else jump?”

One user shared her takeaway that probably a lot of us have now, “New fear unlocked.”

Related Story: Mom’s Viral Video Of Baby’s Purple Mouth Sparks Outrage Online

When you watch Christel Holland’s recent video hinged on the claim that her babies ate purple sharpies, you possibly will freeze at a glance. The San Diego-based is a mom of two, a 3-Year-Old daughter, and a 1-Year-Old son. She has since received a ton of backlash in the comments of her clip, which has garnered 7million views.

With a voiceover from Christel saying both of her kids had eaten a sharpie marker, her caption signaled something else: “Only moms know what this actually is.”

Christel wasn’t entirely serious about the eating sharpies statement, and her caption had alluded to the fact that the purple mouths had been caused by something familiar. However, just as the clip [now-deleted] went viral, it sparked outrage, with many complaining about how it was a terrible parenting move to share such for the public eye.

Following the backlash, Christel had an interview that explained that when her daughter was a baby, she noticed that there would be a thick white substance on her lips and tongue every time she had a bottle.

Initially, the mom had chalked it up to being from a leftover formula, but then her doctors said it was something else entirely. Having noticed the white stuff stayed on her daughter’s mouth for hours after her bottle, the doctors confirmed it wasn’t the formula but oral thrush, a fungal infection more common in babies than one would believe. It’s produced by the overgrowth of candida, the leading cause of vaginal yeast infections in women.

The substance can cause an overgrowth of yeast in young babies, which happened to Christel’s children.

She told BuzzFeed: “I didn’t know much about thrush since I was a new mom, but with my son, I noticed almost instantly it was thrush and knew I needed to get the violent medicine as soon as possible because thrush can be a pretty big pain to get rid of.” While many people had concerns about her video being shared, Christel insisted she just wanted to share a funny, viral video.

Plus, she offered some advice for moms who need to use the medicine for their children. She urged people to be careful with clothing and medicine because purple will definitely stain. 

However, experts say that babies usually have thrush from birth to two months of age. But of course, older children can develop it if they take antibiotics and other medications that can cause an overgrowth of yeast. Luckily, there is a safe medication that helps babies combat oral thrush. Doctors suggest Gentian Violet is a way to treat the infection, and it can be taken orally for ten days until the infection is cleared up.

Christel, pictured with her husband, has since welcomed a third CHILD. Congratulations to the family.

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