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Video Shows Moment China Plane Boeing 737 Nosedive Before The Crash

Written by Alex Myles

A China Eastern Boeing 737 was captured nosediving and crashed in southern China after it was reportedly missing. The MU5735 was reportedly carrying 132 people inside when it burst into flames on Monday.

Videos and pictures of the plane with the fire burning sky high and the aftermath debris had gone viral before the state media officially declared the news.

One footage saw the plane nosediving horrifyingly sharp and fast into the ground.

The forest was temporarily engulfed in smoke before the fire department was dispatched, leaving only ruins and debris.

No news outlet has announced the number of fatalities and injured, if any, so far. But assumptions made by experts have been aired.

Wang Ya’nan from Aerospace Knowledge shared, “It is very likely that the aircraft lost power at cruising altitude, resulting in the pilot losing control of the aircraft. This is a very serious technical failure in which the plane inevitably enters a high-speed descent.”

However, the expert noted that it’s rare for a plane to crash during a cruising state, which was what the plane was in before it fell.

Aviation expert Li Xiaojin shared, “Usually the plane is on auto-pilot during cruise stage. So it is very hard to fathom what happened.”

The MU5735 was a 6-year-old 737-800 model. The model has a relatively good track record with the last crash involving this model happening in January 2020 when Iran’s paramilitary mistakenly shot down an international flight from Ukraine.

Crashing during the cruise phase accounts for only 13% of the total commercial plane crashes for the past decade. Over 54% of the accidents occurred during landing and final approach.

he plane had been heading for Guangzhou from Kunming city, Yunan. The crash happened at 2.30 PM, reported by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. The weather was partly cloudy with good visibility and contact was lost 15 minutes before the crash.

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