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‘People Can’t Believe My Slim Fiancée Would Date Me, They Insist To Stop Posting Online’

Written by Alex Myles

George Keywood and his fiancée Sienna Keera are regularly targeted by trolls online due to their size difference. George is morbidly obese, while his GF is a Size 8 figure. They’ve also been told to get off social media, but thankfully, the pair aren’t shaken by the negativity.

Both George and Sienna share TikTok videos of their relationship and comment on the comments trolls leave.

Most of their audience has claimed Sienna is attracted to George for his money countless times. The British actor had been known for his role-playing Craig in People Just Do Nothing. One person had commented: “She must be mad to marry you,” while another stated George must be rich for Sienna to be interested.

But the couple has reiterated it isn’t the case. Sienna has admitted she has always been into larger men and even moved from Australia to the UK to be with George.

Similarly, George has insisted he didn’t care about the cruel comments as it makes the two of them lots of money. This was actually a response to what a user had stated: “Instead of making yourselves look like plonkers just for likes if you’re so happy, get on with your lives instead of spending your loves making TikTok.”

He hit back in a video: “TikTok is where we make money this is a job. This is a way to promote everything else we do, as well as TikTok.”

George then revealed they don’t make as much money through posting TikTok video themselves but that sponsorship and advertisement deals gotten through their social media following pays a lot. He added: “So we aren’t going to quit because it’s a job. Our job is just a bit difficult because we have to deal with imbeciles all the time.”

The actor responded to the term “Plonkers,” insisting they act that way on purpose, aren’t idiots, and it’s funny.

He explained: “Don’t think that everything you see on TikTok is real because it certainly is not. We’re just benefiting from it, as you should. Take advantage of the opportunity in front of you and make some dollars.” Even though the couple has trolls concerned about their weight difference, some fans naturally support and rally behind the couple.

However, the pair now have a son, Oliver, and are due to get married in May later this year.

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The man’s friend had the correct papers and had headed to the lottery headquarters in Brussels to collect the money won on a €5 Scratchcard.

But unfortunately, he and two others got detained by Police as they suspected they had stolen the Scratchcard. When the winner was reached to explain the situation, they were released. As of this time of writing, the winning card is held by a court in Bruges, near the port of Zeebrugge, where it was initially bought.

The winner [name withheld], aged 28, has no valid identity papers or a permanent address. As a result, he’s unable to open a bank account for the prize to be transferred into.

According to Belgian broadcaster VRT, the man had traveled through Spain and France on foot before reaching Belgium. He reportedly explained that he planned to travel to the UK but had decided to settle in Belgium and start a family with his winnings. His lawyer, Alexander Verstraete, has shared that the lottery firm will not make the payment as the unnamed winner doesn’t have a bank account. He added that authorities have claimed they will not deport the man until he has received his prize money.

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Lora Croftcheck has left people stunned after showing her audience how she looked at 37 and then three years later looked very different at age 41. The brunette has proved that literally anyone, including YOU, can turn back the clock to look youthful. Taking to TikTok, Lora shared the two tricks she used to get the remarkable change.

First, beauty influencer hasn’t in three years missed a day of skincare (obviously).

Secondly, her advice was not to neglect the brows as she showed off hers looking pristine. She stated: “I learned how to do my brows.” In response, people then asked her for tips on her skincare, and she claimed she attained the results without chemical peels or laser but didn’t specify if Botox had been used.

In another video, she explained: “Number one and probably most important, I started using SPF every day.”

“In the previous picture I never wore sunscreen. Number two, I started a skincare regiment that had Vitamin C in it and hyaluronic acid and I use it twice a day every day and I’ve never missed a day in over two years. Number three, wash your face every single night, never go to bed with makeup on, it just enlarges your pores and no one wants that.”

Most people are left impressed, as one wrote in the comments: “Your skin just glows now. Gorgeous.” Another added: “Amazing! You look beautiful.”

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