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‘I’m A Grandma At 44, But People Say I’m Lying Because I Look So Hot’

Written by Alex Myles

Claire McGougan has been accused of lying because of a claim that she’s aged 44 and already a grandma. The Scotland-based regularly shares videos on her TikTok, and recently, she got harsh comments that said: “Granny, yeah, right.” While another said it was all bulls***.

Having had enough, Claire hit back with another video where she cuddled her baby grandson. 

In the clip, she gives the sleepy baby a bottle of milk and winks at the camera. She equally said: “See your wee comments, so I thought I’d jump on. Yes, I am 100% a gran – I love it, best thing ever! Happy happy.” Yet again, it garnered views, and most comments were also quite rude.

But thankfully, some were amazed as one commented: “You look great! Think people are jealous.” Another said: “Glamorous gran! You’re gorgeous and I’m jealous.”3

Someone else told Claire they can’t believe how many negative comments she gets, yet remains a stunningly gorgeous gran. A few tried to guess her age as they thought she could be 40 or 50. But Claire eventually informed them: “45 in July – the 3rd if you want to send me a birthday card.”

She then admitted to using filer but said she hadn’t had cosmetic work. “The only thing being smoothed out on my face is me using a filter – everything else is me.”

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A legendary ball of energy, a talented dancer, a singer, a performer, an icon. Who doesn’t know JoJo Siwa and her iconic blonde ponytail hairstyle?!

Unfortunately, however, we didn’t see JoJo Siwa attending the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award this year, and people have been wondering why.

JoJo and Nickelodeon go back quite a bit, with one of her most recent ‘D.R.E.A.M. The Tour’ show that started in 2019 wrapping up a little earlier last month due to the pandemic.

But before this, she’s already called the company out in September 2021 when they banned her from performing any of her songs from ‘The J Team’ on tour. She ranted on Twitter, “Working for a company as a real human being treated as only a brand is fun until it’s not.”

JoJo was also nominated this year at the award event for the Favorite Social Music Star category. Dixie D’Amelio won it. Yet, she wasn’t there, why? Listen to her below.

“A lot of you have been asking me why I’m not at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards tonight, and the answer is very simple — I wasn’t invited.”

You didn’t hear it wrong: she wasn’t invited to the award event she was nominated at.

Many users have speculated that this has to do with JoJo Siwa breaking her iconic look from coming out to the public, dating, to her new short hair look.

Add to that was the fact that they used her music, ‘One Chance’. After her Instagram post, she shared another update in her story, “Somebody tagged me in something — they used my song ‘One Chance.’ My song made the cut, but not me.”

Nickelodeon will have to come up with a very good excuse for this!

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